Albanians in the Balkan Region are one of the most unreached people groups in Europe with less than 1% Evangelical Christians. After decades of government mandated atheism in Albania, genocide in Kosovo, and ethnic conflicts in Macedonia there is an urgency to share the Gospel while the door is still open. We believe that through Radio, Television, Social media and Community Outreach, we can give hope and healing to these nations.


The Christmas Shoes Project

Olsi an 8 year old boy, suffering a terminal illness desired desperately a new pair of shoes. He told his grandparents that he desired desperately a new pair of shoes. His grandparents were already struggling to pay the hospital bills and other extra expenses they had while staying with him day and night at the hospital.

Our team found out about Olsi’s desire and sent him a new pair of shoes. He received the gift from his wish list and though he was very sick he stood up from his bed to put on his new shoes. That gift brought so much joy in his eyes. Olsi read out loud to his grandparents the card the donor wrote to him. The same day Olsi accepted Jesus as his personal savior.

Please join us in warming little feet and little hearts these Christmas.
A donation of $25 will provide one pair of shoes.

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