TV 7 New Studios Building Project

In the month of April, TV 7 Albania celebrated 6 years of 24/7 broadcast. After 10 years of TV production, we felt the need to be on the air 24/7 being the first Christian TV channel in Albanian language. Media 7 broadcasts in Albania, Kosovo and through IPTV platforms all over Europe and North America.

Today we are thankful to many partners who supported our ministry, but especially to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) whose generous support made most of our TV studio equipment possible. We built our TV studio on the space we use so our staff trainings and events can be inside our Radio station building. As our ministry is growing and because we are now producing 6 different original weekly shows, a bigger TV studio is desperately needed.

In 2018 we were able to purchase 2000m2 land next to our compound. In 2019 we applied for our building permit and finally in February 2023 we got the first approval to build our new studio. We are expecting the final approval in July 2023 and would like to begin the building as soon as possible.

The total cost of this project is 600 000 euro ($650,000) as of today we have 200 000 euro. Please pray for this project and support us financially if the Lord leads you to do so.
We are very thankful to each of you who have walked with us for many years.

Albanians in the Balkan Region are one of the most unreached people groups in Europe with less than 1% Evangelical Christians. After decades of government mandated atheism in Albania, genocide in Kosovo, and ethnic conflicts in Macedonia there is an urgency to share the Gospel while the door is still open. We believe that through Radio, Television, Social media and Community Outreach, we can give hope and healing to these nations.

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