Albanians in the Balkan Region are one of the most unreached people groups in Europe with less than 1% Evangelical Christians. After decades of government mandated atheism in Albania, genocide in Kosovo, and ethnic conflicts in Macedonia there is an urgency to share the Gospel while the door is still open. We believe that through Radio, Television, Social media and Community Outreach, we can give hope and healing to these nations.


Featured Project

Kid’s Hour are a series of TV shows whose goal is to reach out to Albanian children in the Balkan region, with biblical teaching that can lead young hearts to Christ.
Our TV channel dedicates two hours every day to Children programs. We have dubbed in Albanian well-known series like, Adventures in Odyssey, Superbook, Friends and Heroes, Heroes of Faith etc as well as our original programing.

Through, stories, games and discussions we want to teach children important life-lessons, about friendship, honesty, kindness, courage, faith, hope and much more from timeless, powerful Bible stories.

These series of TV shows want to impress spiritual truths on the hearts of young children, believing that their lives can be conformed to the character of Christ. We believe our Kid’sHour will be a tool to reach the whole family and not just children.