Kosovo is the newest, most impoverished and most unreached country in Europe. Its location is on the northwest border of Albania. In the 90”s Kosovo suffered ethnic genocide. In 2008, after ten years of brutal ethnic conflict, negotiations and the intervention of NATO and the UN Kosovo gained its independence from Serbia.
The intense conflict devastated the country, leaving half of its inhabitants living in poverty and an unemployment rate of 70%. It is predominantly Muslim as are the bordering nations. Albania, for example, is 96% Muslim. Although many of the Muslims are nominal in their faith, extremism is on the rise. Opposition to Christianity is growing.
According to the Joshua Project, an organization seeking to highlight the ethnic groups of the world with the least followers of evangelical Christianity, 0.4% of the population is evangelical Christian, but the growth is 0%. The highest possibility of growth is among youth and young adults. Pray for churches to be established to accommodate potential new believers.