Albania is the only country in the world to declare their nation atheistic by its constitution. The Communist regime that ruled from 1944 until the early 1990’s left Albania economically, morally and spiritually impoverished. During the Communist rule Albania was the most closed country in the world. Most people who believed in any god were either imprisoned or killed, instilling fear in all Albanians. During those years any church growth movement was destroyed and unlike other Communist countries there was no underground church. In 1998Religious Freedom was granted to the Albanians. The young church is starting to grow and mature in their faith. It is exciting to see the foundation being laid for future generations. However, because of fifty years of spiritual darkness and martyrdom, less than 1% of Albania’s 3.6 million people are evangelical Christians.
Today Albania is still one of Europe’s poorest countries. Their economies hindered by a poor infrastructure, corruption and high immigration rates. Superstition and folk Islam continue to prosper.