In the month of March, we had the privilege to host the well-known Bible teacher from Israel Dr. Baruch Korman, on a series of conferences visiting different cities of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Dr. Baruch Korman has been teaching the Bible for 30 years. His Bible teaching program ‘Love Israel’ is broadcasted daily in Albanian language on TV 7 and Radio 7 Network.

Many of our viewers who have been following the teaching of Dr. Baruch Korman have been looking forward to these events sharing truth about Israel, the Church and Last Days. Pastors, church leaders and believers all over Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia appreciated and were encouraged by these studies from the Word of God.

Dr. Korman with his wife Rivka Korman and a group from Love Israel ministry first visited the Northern city of Shkoder where our listeners follow his program both on Radio 7 Nord and on TV 7 that broadcasts in cable network reaching thousands of families in the northern part of Albania. Bepin one of the pastors said, “Thank you so much for this time of teaching the Word of God in our city. Our youth were very blessed by the teaching and encouraged to study the Word daily. The teaching was very insightful and we loved the fellowship. Thank you Dr. Korman and Love Israel team. ”

On Sunday morning Dr. Korman was invited to teach in the morning service of Rilindja church in Tirana, the largest evangelical church in the country. Dr. Korman taught about Genesis 24. He shared that the marriage is a covenant with God and should be an instrument of His blessings.

Later that day we started a three-day conference on the subject ‘The Day of the Lord is at Hand” that was held at the National Museum in Tirana. During these days Dr. Baruch Korman taught from the Bible verses explaining the events leading to the Day of The Lord. He shared wisdom and clarity on such an important matter for believers. This event was promoted through Radio 7 and Tv 7 and was attended by believers and non-believers as well.  Albana, one of the believers  attending the conference shared: “I have regularly watched the program Love Israel on TV 7 and I have been looking forward to this conference. The way Dr. Korman knows and explained to us the Bible is very impressive, I have felt encouraged and challenged to have a deeper relationship with God.”
Flori shared: “I have always been curious about the Church and the End Times but I never dared to study the subject by myself. I would only read the passages like I would read a book. Dr. Korman shared such a profound truth with so much wisdom and clarity. I was fascinated and I hope everybody can listen to his teachings.”

Dr. Baruch Korman and his team traveled to the city of Elbasan where Radio 7 has a large audience and was invited to teach in a meeting organized by all the churches of this city.  Dr. Korman taught on Church in the End Times. Pastor Ilir shared: “The Albanian church is young, and we know little about certain major subjects. Believers need to be well equipped for the battle and they need to know and understand the Word of God. The subject that Dr. Baruch Korman shared is very important but still there are many misunderstandings among believers today. His teaching helped us as leaders to encourage the body of believers in our churches. We are very thankful to Media 7 for organizing this event and blessed us with such a wonderful Bible teaching.”

The Bible teaching tour continued in Skopje, North Macedonia. Believers from different churches in Skopje joined the invitation of Trinitas church for a three hours teaching event. Doriana a believer from Skopje shared, “We do not hear much about Israel and the end times in our days. The teaching of Dr. Korman opened my eyes and instilled in me a love for the Scripture. I’m so glad for Radio 7 broadcast in Macedonia and love to be involved in reaching my country.”

Our teaching tour with Dr. Baruch Korman continued in Kosovo first in the city of Gjakova and later in the capital city of Prishtina. Fellowship with pastors of these cities was a very special part of this tour. Many of them were familiar with Dr. Korman teachings through TV 7 and Radio 7 broadcast. They all were thankful for these teaching events and the support to the church in Kosovo. Ina a church leader said, “I watch Dr. Korman every day on TV7. What I have learned from him is that every single word in the Scripture is important and we should study the Word carefully. I had great expectations to go deeper with the Lord and the teaching again was superb. Waiting forward to read the book I got today.”

During these time we had the privilege to interview Dr. Baruch Korman both on our radio and tv programs. He shared about his books which have been translated into Albanian, as well as other topics, including antisemitism, political condition in the Middle East and why we hear so little about the antichrist in the Evangelical church. Dr. Korman’s wife, Rivka was invited on Family 7 tv show where she shared about the great influence and examples of women in the Bible.

We are very thankful to Love Israel Ministry for their heart desire to reach the nations. Their faithfulness to the Word of God and Dr. Korman willingness to travel to our part of the world to share profound Biblical Truth with the body of Christ in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia humbles us. We are very grateful for this opportunity to serve the churches in these countries with solid Bible teaching and look forward to seeing what God will do in the future through our partnership.