Hena is a single mom of three children, Monta 13 years old and Esi 8 years old girls and Seldi, a 3 year old boy. She lived under severe abuse from her husband for over 14 years and is injured as a result of domestic abuse.

After the painful divorce, Hena left her hometown in Northern Albania and moved outside of Tirana hoping for a better future for her children. She was able to rent a room and since she didnt have any money to pay rent she cleaned the house of the owner and took care of their animals. Her two girls help her.

Hena’s father helped her financially whenever he could sell animals. Our partner organizations have helped her many times since she moved to our area.

Hena’s three children received new shoes Christmas 2020. Their hearts were full of joy when our car stopped at their home. The youngest daughter jumped with glee. She wanted pink shoes like one of her school friends and we were able to find her pink shoes that were warm and pretty.

Their joy warmed our hearts. We know they will go to school with new shoes, and a smile in their face.