Soela lost her husband a few months ago. In deep pain and sorrow she wondered if she would ever be whole again. Will this numbness she felt ever end? Her teenage daughter was missing her dad and she didn’t know how to help her.

In the middle of pain and desperation she heard our Encouraging Minute radio program on the topic of Grief. The Holy Spirit touched Soela’s heart and she knew it was time to get right with God. On the next radio program she prayed the prayer of Salvation and gave her life to Jesus.

Soela began following us on Social Media and began watching our Youtube channel. Later she decided to contact our counselor for more specific help for herself and her daughter. The counseling sessions provided by our counselor helped them to go through the sorrow into healthy emotional healing. The counseling helped them to get the strength they needed to move into the next phase of their lives.

After a few months of counseling Soela said, “God found me in the most darkest days of my life. I was completely lost, not only spiritually but I was about to loose my mind. The fear my daughter would be completely alone made me turn the radio on that day. I simply didn’t want to think. I thank God for using the darkest days of my life to turn my eyes to Him and find the peace that my heart was longing for.”

God has a plan for everyone even in the seasons of darkness, full of pain and sorrow. He gives strength to persevere through the hurt and enables everyone to move into the future which holds new and promising hope.

Encouraging Minute is a one-minute radio and TV program based on Hope for the Heart, Hope Minute radio program. We are thankful to Hope for the Heart and its founder June Hunt for training our counselors and supporting our counseling centers for many years. We pray that God will use these biblical counseling resources to help our audience overcome challenges, grow personally, and get equipped to help others.