The poor and underprivileged in Albania lack decent healthcare. The majority of poor people cannot afford a doctor’s visit, blood tests, medications as well as other medical examination and treatment. They are suffering from preventable diseases.

In years 2013-2020 we gave free medical support to over 8000 people. We have supported gypsies women and children, widows/single moms and their children; as well as people suffering from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Kidneys failure, Heart failure etc. We have supported surgeries of gypsy children, eye surgeries etc.

In 2019 we have free medical support to 800 individuals who lost their homes during November 2019 earthquake.

Doctors from Albania and other countries donated their time and resources to help these people groups in great need. The funds are used to purchase in country medication, blood tests, and more specialized examinations like X-Rays, Scanners, Eye Examinations etc.

Media 7 has established a “Medical Check-up and Emergency Medical Fund.” to support underprivileged children like Daim, (story link) single moms like Nevila ( story link) and impoverished people who may need medical care in 2022.

A gift of 50$ will provide general check-up and medication to one child/adult. This includes Blood tests and a Doctor’s Visit.

A gift of 100$ will provide Blood tests, a Doctor’s Visit and medications.

If you are a doctor and would like to be part of a medical mission team please contact us.