Joel, an 8 years old boy was encouraged by his mother Alma, a regular listener of Radio 7 to join Christmas Shoes Project and give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. He decided to pray for the child every day and to write a card sharing the real meaning of Christmas and the true gift we have received, Jesus.

Our team knew that Olsi an 8 year old boy desired desperately a new pair of shoes. Olsi was hospitalized in the pediatric hospital in the Terminal Illness Department. He told his grandparents that though he was in bed most of the time he desired desperately a new pair of shoes. His grandparents were already struggling to pay the hospital bills and other extra expenses they had while staying with him day and night at the hospital.

Joel and his mom were shopping the shoes for a child they didn’t know but they were praying for. Our team picked the gift of Joel, to bless Olsi knowing that the message inside the shoebox was more important then the shoes he requested.

For Christmas, Olsi received the gift from his wish list and though he was very sick he stood up from his bed to put on his new shoes. That gift brought so much joy in his eyes.  Olsi read the card out loud to his grandparents and accepted Jesus as his personal savior.

Now that’s what Christmas shoes project it’s all about. We don’t want just to meet a need but we want to share Jesus as the best gift someone can ever receive.

The Christmas Shoes Project started four years ago with a desire to help children coming from poor and underprivileged families. In the last three Christmas we donated thousands pairs of shoes.

Please join us in warming little feet and little hearts these Christmas.

A donation of $25 will provide one pair of shoes.