Familja 7 offers advice and encouragement to families in Albania and Kosov Because the Evangelical Christian church is still in it’s beginning stage after years of atheism, and ethnic genocide, first generation Christians are seeking ways to have a loving, intimate marriage, knowledge of how to raise their children in faith, support their elderly parents and share Christ. Without Christian role models, these new believers struggle to keep their faith alive in their homes.
In a series of television programs, the host of Familja 7 brings together real-life champions of the faith, authors, and experts to talk about tough marital issues, the challenges of parenting and how Biblical principles may be applied to family life.
We believe our Lord created the concept of family. This divine plan was revealed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as described in Genesis 2:24. We hold family as one of the most marvelous and enduring gifts ever bestowed on humankind. It is our stance that the best and most possible way to expect a loving and intimate marriage and face the challenges of parenting with confidence is to rely on God’s guidance through prayer and Biblical principles.