Inspiring Albanians to Serve

“Recently, I have decided to become a missionary among Albanians living in Montenegro. This was not an easy step, but after I finished Bible school, God put this desire in my heart to reach those who have not yet heard the Gospel. I have been preparing for this journey because I know it will not be easy. I watched your series about “Lost Legacy Reclaimed” and God used it to give me purpose and to challenge my faith in new ways. Your program gave me not just knowledge for what has happened throughout Church history but most of all gave me boldness to live for Jesus here and now. Please pray for me as I want to share the Gospel among Muslims here in Montenegro.” Desar is one of hundreds of Albanians who wrote to us about one of our newest projects, Lost Legacy Reclaimed. These series of programs were broadcasted on TV 7 each Sunday for 8 weeks. Each story is 30-minutes long and tells about real people and the challenges they faced from the Roman government of their time. It’s about people whose influence on Christianity is still seen today! The believers of set a high standard, sacrificing for Jesus Christ under persecution as the Roman Empire fell apart. Our Albanian Bible teacher Leonard Viso, shared with our viewers important lessons we can learn from the life and sacrifices of these martyrs; Cyprian, Victor, Tertullian, Perpetua and Felicitas, Scillitan Martyrs, Antony, Quodvultdeus, and Augustine. We thank God for this partnership with International Media Ministries who produced the series of docudramas in English and mentored our staff through the process of the Albanian version.

Enea a young pastor from Tirana wrote to us, “As a young pastor I’ve always watched TV 7, because you bring so much encouragement and good spiritual food in our own language. I often share these messages with believers from our congregation. Recently, I have really been blessed by your program about the Church Martyrs. We have organized a weekly meeting with our believers where we watch these videos with our church and discuss about faith and boldness for the Gospel. These programs were so inspiring and a great reminder of the reason we are here on earth in this season.”