A family of ten members lives in tents in a Gypsy camp on the outskirts of Shkoder, Albania. The father tries to feed his family on the minuscule amount he can muster by collecting tin from public trash containers, plus his salary. In July of 2018, his 8-year-old son, Daim, had a terrible accident and severely broke his left thigh and arm. He needed emergency surgery to repair his leg and arm so that he has a chance to overcome the severe poverty of his family. The doctors said it was necessary to put a titanium piece in bones for them to heal correctly. The cost of this piece of titanium alone is the cost of his father’s yearly salary.
The blessing of one of our partner organizations covered the cost of Daim’s surgery and the titanium piece he needed so much. Without the help of Media 7 and their partner, Daim would have been disabled for the rest of his life and any hope of rising out of his impoverished life would have been dashed.
It is our desire at Media 7 to support the medical needs of children like Daim, giving them a chance at their dreams of a better life. In 2017 we were able to provide free medical service to over 800 gypsies, 95% of these needy people said they have never seen a doctor because of lack of money.
Media 7 has established a “Medical Check-up and Emergency Medical Fund.” to support underprivileged children like Daim who may need medical care in 2018-2020. Your contribution of $50.00 will help provide hope and care for children in need.