Era is a 15 year old girl from a village in Northern Albania. She is an excellent ninth grade student. After school Era helps her mother and takes care of her younger siblings. Since the death of her dad, the only bread provider in their home, they have suffered a lot. Though the mother works hard to provide for the family, most of the days there is not much food on the table. Era wants to continue her education but her mother cannot afford her school expenses. Era needs help to purchase books, school items and local bus tickets to the city.
Through Take a Girl to School Project we want to invest in the life of Era and the lives of hundreds of young girls like her who cannot attend further education. Their parents cannot afford to pay schooling for all of their children so they choose to support education for their sons and not their daughters. In this part of the country girls are often married at a very young age through arranged marriages between families.
Our Take a Girl to School fund helps provide school books, transportation and other school items to young girls like Era, whose families cannot afford their schooling costs.
A gift of 25$ will provide for their school materials, a gift of 50$ would provide for their books and a gift of 100$ would provide for transportation and food needs.