On December 2021, the Albanian government sent Media 7 a notice that beginning January 2022 our electric bill could be doubled and we would need to purchase our electricity in the open market. That would make it difficult for us because, of course, without electricity we cannot operate our Radio station and TV studio. The Ukraine- Russian conflict made the situation worse, as gas prices are almost doubled and so are the basic food.We began December 2021 investigating alternative ways to generate long-term low-cost electricity. What we found is that statistics show Albania is an ideal place to use solar power with nearly 340 days of sun per year. The recently approved regulations from the Albanian government allows businesses and households that install photo voltaic panels, to lower the total consumption of electricity considerably.
In April 2022 a Dutch company donated to us the Solar Panel system in the value of 40000 Euro. Another partner organization transported to Albania at no cost for us. On July 2022 the goods arrived in Albania. In August 2022 we received the installation permeation from the Albanian Government.We shared this need we had with friends and in a very short time the Lord provided for all installation costs and some work needed to be done on our roof that got damaged during the construction of the structure holding the solar panels. As of November 2022 the solar power system is working very well providing for more than 50% of our needs.In the Spring and Summer 100% of our needs for electricity will be provided by solar. We are very thankful to all of you who contributed to this huge need we had and prepared a short video to show the installation process. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.