Radio 7 started its journey 20 years ago! The first signal was heard for the first time on May 17, 2002. Through the years, Radio 7 network of 8 radio stations in three countries of the Balkans became an important voice reaching people all over the country with the life-changing message of the Gospel. All this time, Radio 7 has been a strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves touching the hearts of thousands of listeners.For this occasion, this December we invited our main collaborators, in a celebration of God’s faithfulness. Pastors and ministry leaders from Albania and Kosovo came together for a joyful celebration of what God has done in our country. We had a special time recognizing the churches and partner organizations who have been serving diligently alongside us through the years.  Bepin Maka from Hope for Shkoder church shared: “Our first collaboration with Radio 7 was for a medical outreach with a group of doctors and nurses who offered free medical services for more than three thousands people of our town. That was only the start of a long partnership mainly serving to the poorest in our community. It has been very encouraging to see how God calls us to serve with the same love. I pray that the powerful voice of Radio 7 will continue to echo in this desert land.”Eris Cango pastor of Emanuel Church Kamez shared: “It was very encouraging to listen to all the projects we have had together. We are thankful for this appreciation. We pray for God’s blessings and that through your programs many people will turn to the Lord.”“Radio 7 is a very precious national treasure.  Our church is blessed tremendously from your ministry. Our people have matured in faith as a result of the teachings and many people in our communities have been helped, widows through the life skill training, many sick people got a very much needed medical help during Covid-19. We thank God for 20 years of ministry and wish much more years to reach Albanian whenever in the world they live.” Pastor Ali KurtiPart of this celebration was a special worship concert with the Italian worship leader Nico Battaglia. He came in Albania not just to share his wonderful music but as well his testimony of a miraculous healing. The recent years he faced a harsh battle with a tumor on his tongue which threatened his ability to sing again. But though this event “I will yet praise Him”, he touched many hearts showing us once again the miracle power of God at work.TV 7 staff produced and broadcasted this LIVE event taking this powerful message to a whole new audience. Mahije from Librazhd commented on our social media: “Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful worship songs and powerful testimony. Our living God is powerul” “I was deeply touched by this concert. I went through a difficult journey fighting with a tumor the recent years and the story of Nico has given me a different perspective. I have more faith now to fight this battle. Thank you TV 7.” Vera, PrizrenAs we closed our celebration, 20 years of God’s faithfulness we wanted to remind our audience that We will continue to Praise The Lord no matter the circumstances. We will continue to share the Eternal Hope we have in Christ with Albanians in the region of the Balkans and where ever in the world they live.