“My story is like many others that you share on your radio programs. Seven years ago, I went through a difficult time. I was married for two years to an alcoholic, who knew nothing else but drinking and showing of his strength with whomever would cross his road. Most of the time I was his victim! I came to the point where I didn’t care about anything, I just wanted to leave him. At that time, we were emigrants in Greece. When I came in Albania, I was very depressed and lost the desire to live. My family and my close friends were trying to comfort me without understanding that they were making me feel worse day by day. Often times, I would explode in anger toward my younger sister. To spare time, I would listen to music on my phone, but didn’t like anything.

One night, I was checking all radio stations one by one, until I stopped to listen to a very attractive story. I didn’t know the name of the radio station but I knew that the story I heard was so powerful that made me say to myself, “Stop complaining, because people face harder problems than you do and they still find the strength to raise up!” At the end of the story, when they would talk about God, I would try to avoid this part and just focus on the story. I was mad at God for my life.

I was looking forward for the next Saturday to listen to the new story on the program. Little by little, I started to like every program on your radio station. I don’t know how to explain it, but inside of me it was like a war and I didn’t know what to believe. Any time I would have a question or I would doubt God, in one of the programs I would certainly find the answer. Even the songs, were impacting me! After a while I was feeling better spiritually, I even started to smile! My parents were surprised to see these changes in me. Though they didn’t like Radio 7 at all, they never forced me to stop listening to it because they saw the change in me! I always knew I had a Bible on my closet. It was given to me when I was 10 years old, but at that time didn’t make any difference for me. When at Radio 7 I would hear about God I decided to open it again. Because you encouraged me to know God personally through His word! I started to read the Bible every day, from the beginning. It was like a collaboration. I would read the Bible and you would explain it to me and would encourage me to put it to practice. Your labor is not in vain! I am sure that so
many other people have been blessed from your work! May God’s blessings be with you and may He guide you!”