Ten years ago Lena took her son and left the abusive relationship she lived in because of her abusive husband. She moved into the home of her mother and raised her son without a father. Life was hard for Lena and her son, but she tells us now about her life since listening to Media 7 and giving her life to Jesus two years ago while listening to a radio drama called “Unshackled” She identified with many of the stories on the program. She remembers a moment while listening to one of the stories, “I was listening to a story about an abused woman, and I thought if God has a purpose for her life, then He may have a purpose for my life as well.”  Lena opened her heart and prayed to Jesus. Although her circumstances at home did not change, she found strength in God to overcome her situation.

She is now a caregiver for her son, who is 23 and suffers depression and also for her 93-year-old mother.  Media 7 has helped Lena in many situations over the years, but this month Lena called to say her son has had thoughts of suicide in the last few weeks. Our counselors and a local pastor met with them several times a week to help him see hope for his future. He gave his life to Jesus while reading books written by speakers on Media 7 programs. “The Battlefield of the Mind,” by Joyce Meyers, helped himknow himself and how his thoughts guide his life.  He found answers to many of his questions. “The Love of God” and “The Only Door To Heaven.” by Dr. Charles Stanley, helped him know the only way out of “darkness” is Jesus. He says, “I thank God for opening my eyesand giving me understanding.”

It is important for Lena and her son to attend a fellowship of believvers for encouragement and strength to meet the challenges in their lives. There is no church in the village where Lena and her son live. In fact, here are no other Christians there. Perseverance and the hope of the messages and programs on Media 7 are all they have on a daily basis.They must travel to the region of Shkoder in the Northern region of Albania to attend a church and enjoy the fellowship of other Christians. Please pray for opportunities for ministries in their village to not only meet their needs, but reach those who are facing challenges to have the hope and strength that only Jesus can provide through the fellowship of believers.