We sometimes promote a book on our television show. Teresa called to request the book. We noticed her voice was very low as though she was scared and trying to hide from someone. “I need a lot of prayers,” she whispered.“because my husband is very violent. He beat me today very badly my head hurts from it,and I’m so scared for my life.” She continues, “I’m a Christian and so is my son, but my husband doesn’t allow me to go to church. He is a traditional Muslim, and a real criminal, Your programs on radio and television are my church. Please pray for my son and me that God will protect us.” We promised Teresa we would pray for her and that one of our counselors at Hope Center would meet with her the next day.

Teresa shared with our counselor how her life for the past 50 years was under constant physical, sexual and psychological abuse. She chose to be humble to her husband hoping he would change, but the violence became stronger as the years went by. She shared that he had many affairs with other women during their marriage and how she felt betrayed because of them while suffering constant abuse.

Teresa and her family emigrated to Greece and lived there for many years. She and her son gave their lives to Jesus while living in Greece. They attended church secretly when her husband was working. Now they are back in Tirana, and her husband controls her every step.

Our counselor prayed with Teresa and counseled her as she tried to live in her very complex home situation. We gave her books to help her and other materials we give to women in her circumstances. We gave her an MP3 player with the New Testament and Dr. Michael Youssef radio programs so she could listen to sermons. These items were generously provided by one of our radio partners, Leading The Way. Our counselors set up a doctor appointment for Teresa and will continue to minister to her. We are thankful to God for the support we receive from our partners. Please pray for our outreach to women like Teresa. Please pray that God will continue to provide for this ministry and that we may increase this ministry as it is needed.