Albana is a concerned mother of a teenage girl. Her15 year-old daughter Dea, was a very happy and loving young woman, was raised in a Christian home. Then one year ago, Albana began to see big changes in her daughter’s behavior. Dea became very quiet and isolated, then became impatient and depressed.

Although Dea once loved learning and was very bright student and a hard worker in school, she stopped wanting to go to school. She felt sick a lot and became severely depressed. As a mother, Albana got very concerned when her daughter was suicidal a few times. Albana worked hard to find a solution for her daughter, even asking for help from the school psychologist and a private psychologist, but she didn’t see any improvement. What she did find was that Dea was being bulled by students and teachers calling her names.

Albana believes in God and the power of prayer. She started praying and asking God to help her daughter and show her where to ask for help. As she was praying, God reminded her of the counseling show on TV 7. She searched the YouTube channel for episodes on teenagers and bullying and later contacted our counselor for counseling.

Our counselor had one on one sessions with both Albana and Dea every week for a few months. Our counselor advised Albana, as a parent, to stand up for her daughter and talk with the principal of the school, other teachers and the school psychologist. Our counselor said to ask the school to take action, not just for her daughter, but also for many other teenagers that were suffering from bullying. After the school talked with all professionals involved and our counselor the school asked our team of counselors to do a teaching seminar on Bullying with students, parents and teachers. We thank God for the life of Albana and for the opportunity we had to empower her as a parent to understand her daughter better and to fight battles with her, for the opportunity we had to empower hundreds of other parents and students to understand the power of their words and how they can all contribute, making the school a safe place for students to grow not only in knowledge, but also in kindness, gentleness, and respect. We are thankful God opened so many doors to change the culture and help many teenagers flourish.