Entela, a mother of two young children, called our radio station in early January. Her heart was heavy and she was suicidal. A complex family situation, a sick child and to make everything harder unemployment, left her heart empty, disoriented, and full of fear for the future.
Our counselor, counseled Entela and her children through June Hunt Counseling Keys for over three months. They began with daily sessions and later with weekly sessions. Our team helped her to connect with a local church and find help and support from a local body of believers. We helped her with some of the medical needs of her son and with some practical needs.
Due to Covid-19 and the family circumstances Entela has been isolating himself for over one year. Our counselor shared with her, how important it is to fellowship with other believers. In times of hardship and loss instead of turning to self-pitty and depression, let’s turn to our Heavenly Father. He will never leave us alone in our loss. He cares for us and is the only one Who can Comfort our hearts.
Entela said, “All I could see was darkness, I felt an enormous pressure in my head, and that was the reason I wanted to die. I thank God for Radio 7 that speaks Truth in pure Love. Though some of my problems and hardships are still present in my life, I can see a solution now. Thank you for the help you have given to me.”
What a privilege to serve Entela and many other women like her. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, our team was able to provide support to hundreds of families who like Entela were affected from Covid-19 crises.
In January- March 2021 we gave over 190 food packages, helped 125 people with their medical needs and provided one on one counseling to 69 people. We supported 35 widows and single mothers with their daily needs.
We don’t know how long this season will last, but we do know that our listener’s are precious to our Heavenly Father. We are committed to continue to shine the light and be the Hands and Feet of Jesus.