Nevila (name changed) is a 32 year old single mom of three children ages 6, 4 and 2. She was abandoned by her husband a few months ago and is struggling to provide for basic needs of her three young children. She has been without food for days and is suffering from anxiety for the needs of her young children. She cannot work because she doesn’t have anyone to take care of her children.

Nevila has been extremely depressed because she has lost her meaning of life. She has attempted suicide, feeling she has no hope for herself and her children.

Our counselor talked to Nevila about free medical visits for her and her children our team was planning. While she was waiting for more information about the visits, the counselor had some time to talk with her about her severe depression. One of our TV producers working on a TV feature story talked with Nevila more and shared the Gospel with her.

Our producer shared about the lifechanging power of Jesus when we submit ourselves to Him. Our producer told Nevila, “Jesus loves you, He has not abandoned you and he will never abandon you. He is able to take you away your darkness and make a way where there is no way. You are not alone.”

As our producer was sharing the power of the Gospel to save, Nevila was crying and opened her heart to Jesus. She accepted Jesus in her heart that same moment. Our team gave her a Bible, a solar powered radio and a solar powered mp3 player with the Bible and other radio programs. The same day our team connected her with a local church, so a pastoral team will continue care of Nevila’s spiritual growth. Please pray for Nevila and her precious children as the Holy Spirit leads. Pray too that they will experience the power of the Gospel and know for themselves the goodness of our Lord.