While educators, psychologists, and others have much to teach children, we believe that God’s Word has all foundations needed to flourish in life. “Children are a gift from the Lord” (Ps 127:3), a gift that needs to be treated with care and love.In 20 years, we have produced thousands of children radio programs, hundreds of TV shows and cartoons and have shared the Gospel with thousands of Children on our outreaches every year.In the summer of 2022, we began the production of 170, 3-minute radio dramas for children and in September we began broadcasting the radio dramas twice a day. Our team worked hard and prayed that these series of radio dramas would bless many children and would help parents open meaningful conversations with their children.
Lina, a parent from Tirana wrote to us, “I love your new children’s program, Superkids. I am a mother of two children, and I have always wanted to share with them Bible stories in a way that is compelling and will help them remember its message for a long time. After striving to keep their attention, I discovered Superkids, and my children love it. From the day they heard the first story, we look forward to this program each day. It is our source of encouragement. As I take my children to day-care, we listen to SuperKids and we discuss their daily message and how it can affect our lives on our way home. Thank you for thinking of our children and helping us as Christian parents to raise them in the faith.”We are so happy to help the local churches with new resources for their children’s ministry. Stela, a Sunday School teacher from the city of Korca wrote to us, “ I have been a Sunday School teacher for more than 10 years and I love serving God by serving the little ones. Radio 7 has always encouraged us with great materials for children like, Albanian worship for kids and countless other programs and books. Recently I heard your new program SuperKids and I really loved it. First, I asked all the children of the Sunday School to listen to it, because it is such a good way to keep them get connected with the Word of God throughout the week. When they come to class on Sundays, they tell me the stories they’ve heard on Radio 7. Secondly, we are very excited because this Easter we are planning to use your radio drama for our children to perform a Drama at Church for our main service. Thank you for serving us this way!”Diana, a parent from the city of Elbasan wrote to us, “My youngest boy is 6 years old and everyday as I take him to pre-school, we listen to Radio 7. One day he was very stressed about the first test he was about to have.  That morning we heard SuperKids radio drama, it was a story about Jesus calming the storm. As I was paying attention to the traffic my son said to me: “Mom, Jesus is Lord over waves, so I won’t be afraid. Jesus is with me today.” He was listening carefully. You can imagine as a mother how I felt that moment. The words he shared made my day. Thank you, Radio 7, for helping us as we teach our children how to walk with the Lord.”We are thankful for the partnership with AOW and sister Elfriede, in Germany for guiding us through the process of translation and supporting this work financially. We pray that many generations of children in Albania and all over the world will be blessed and know Jesus who can make them NEW.