Eilin doesn’t have many toys and she never had new shoes. She daily cares for a goat that provides the daily basic needs for her family of five.

Eilin’s family lives under very difficult conditions in a house damaged from the earthquake of November 26. The roof and windows are damaged and whenever it rains they all get wet.

Eilin’s parents shared how sad they are not to be able to provide for their children. Eilin’s mom said, ” I can’t sleep at night because I’m very worried for my children. We all are very sick because of humidity in our house. The children always come back from school with wet feet because their shoes are damaged. Sometimes neighbors will donate their used shoes but often they are too big for them and their school friends bully them.”

Eilin and her two brothers received new shoes in Christmas 2019. These shoes were the first new shoes they ever had. Their faces reflected the joy they felt when they got the new shoes. Now their little feet will not be wet when they go to school and their friends will not bully them.

Eilin’s parents were very thankful and were crying from joy when they got the shoes. “We thank God for sending you to our home. Thank you for blessing us.”