Ola was raised with an abusing father, and faced many hardships while growing up. Life at home for her was nothing but a horrible experience. She never felt the love of a father, nor the protection of her mother. She was neglected from those who were supposed to protect her and teach her about life.This childhood memories would affect Ola’s life later on. She started feeling less about herself and never believed she could do something in life.But things changed 6 months ago, when she first heard the signal of Radio 7. Ola wrote to us: “There was something that was pushing me to keep listening. Program after program, I found something that my soul was longing for. I kept listening with more curiosity, I would hear stories of women coming from abusive situations like mine and how they found hope, and I wanted so much to be able to experience that personally. As I was struggling to find my self-worth, I heard about Jesus, the One who gave me an identity. I learned about a loving Father that I never had in my life.I have heard religious talks over and over again, but there was something real that I was discovering if I trusted Jesus with my life. I remember very well the day Dr. Michael Youssef was inviting me to give my heart to Jesus. At that moment I was ready, so with joy and determination I proclaimed Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I wanted so much to share this with you. You have led me toward this decision because when I was weak and couldn’t read, I would listen to the radio and still would hear God speak.”As we continue to be in touch with Ola she has shared with us that now as a believer she has a desire to write books and songs for God. Please continue to pray for Ola, that she will find a local church that will help her grow in her faith. Pray for a place where she would find support and continue to work with the deep wounds she has within.Ola is one of many Albanian women who are facing abuse from family members. Often times they have no protection or a way to escape. We pray daily for these souls to find hope in Jesus, the only one who can save them from their desperate situations. Our Hope for the Heart counselors reach daily to these women with the hope of Jesus and practical help to live their life.Here at Media 7 we continue to be amazed as we can testify how God can transform lives through the radio waves. Continue to pray that we will have open doors to share the Gospel and continue to have such an impact all over Albanian communities.