Alketa, a woman from South Albania, is married to an abusive husband. He is very harsh in his treatment of her, and his family supports this abuse. She feels alone and without hope, and no one seems to care about her pain or sorrow. She struggles to raise her children to respect her and have a healthy outlook on life. Every day she lives in fear and loneliness.

One day she heard about Jesus from her sister and the hope and love that Jesus offers. Alketa’s sister gave her a Bible, and she accepted Jesus into her life. She was so happy, but when she told her husband who is a Muslim from birth about her new found faith, he became even more abusive and tore up her Bible apart in front of her. She was horrified as she watched him and frightened when he turned to her.

She secretly listened to Radio 7 for help. She did not want to give up her new faith in Jesus, but she didn’t know what to do, because of the horrible abuse. The programs on Radio 7 encouraged her in her faith, and the messages seemed to be speaking right to her heart. At a time when she felt sad and alone, the program was about how Jesus is always with her and would care for her. When feeling no one understood her pain and sorrow, a program she listened to talked of Jesus as her advocate.

A friend gave her a book by Janet Broling titled, “What Can One Woman Do?” She began reading it and was amazed by the story of a woman named Marli and how she prays for women all over the world. One day while listening to Radio 7 Alketa heard about their Prayer Calendar and Project Hannah. Alketa knew her mission was to pray for women who suffer in the same way she does. She called Radio 7 and told us her story. We offered to pray for her. She was surprised that even though we did not know her personally, we would pray for her. She felt value as a person for the first time in years.

Radio 7 provided her with an MP3 player so she could listen to recordings of the Bible and Dr. Youssef’s sermons. (one of her favorite teachers) Our Hope Center’s counselors have been counseling her for many weeks to help her cope with the challenges of her life. Her desire to know God more led her to find a Bible application on her phone which she reads when her husband or his family are not around.

The Bible and Radio 7’s preaching and teaching programs have helped her raise her children in a godly way. Her oldest daughter is now 19, a Christian and attending Bible school. Praise God! Alketa’s husband and his family were very opposed to this daughter enrollment in Bible school, but Alketa fought hard to make sure her daughter could attend.

Please pray for Alketa that she will be able to live her faith openly and be bold under challenging circumstances. Pray too for her children that they will live the Christian life and influence other family members as they grow in the Lord.